Pediatric & Hospital Dentistry

Fostering a family-friendly environment is important to all of us at Horizon Dental.

Pediatric & Hospital Dentistry in Terrace

Fostering a family-friendly environment through pediatric and hospital dentistry in Terrace is very important to all of us at Horizon Dental. By providing dental care and education that is age-appropriate, we ensure that even our youngest patients have a pleasant dental experience. Awaiting dental appointments also is now more relaxing for both parents and children with Horizon Dentals Cubs Corner, an area designed just for kids.

We realize that each of our pediatric patients is unique in the way that he or she responds to dental treatment. For this reason, Dr. Nenninger and his team are pleased to offer their pediatric patients several different levels of anxiety management.

In-Office: No Anaesthesia

Patients who have built a trusting relationship with our dental team, and whose dental work is minor, often do not require any anaesthesia. Children often do very well with the treatment, but decay must be identified early on. Procedures normally performed without anaesthesia include the application of sealants, dental cleanings and treatment of early decay.

In-Office: Dental Anaesthesia With Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Some of our pediatric patients express overwhelming apprehension towards dental treatment. To help such patients feel more at ease during their treatment, we typically offer the calming agent, nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) in conjunction with freezing for more extensive treatment.

In-Office: Dental Anaesthesia (Freezing)

Our dentists usually recommend the administration of local anaesthetic (freezing) around a more severely affected tooth, prior to performing treatment. The use of local anaesthetic is independent of your child’s anxiety level, and serves solely to eliminate any physical discomfort associated with treatment.

Referral to a Pediatric Dentist / Hospital Operating Room Under General Anaesthesia

At times when a patient’s condition prevents him or her from receiving dental care in our office setting, dental treatment can be performed under the care of a specialist in pediatric dentistry and/or under general anaesthesia (GA) in the hospital’s operating room. The effects of GA, induced and monitored by an anaesthetist, include unconsciousness and unresponsiveness to pain throughout the duration of treatment. Our dentists schedule hospital days in Terrace as they are allotted. At times, our hospital wait lists are long as our OR days are limited, and it could be months before your child can be seen. Please call us to make an appointment as soon as you notice changes in the appearance of your child’s teeth.

Keep in Mind the Following…

Contrary to popular belief, having a parent hold the child’s hand during treatment rarely makes the procedure easier. Often it causes the procedure to take longer than necessary, and may also compromise the quality of results. Two of our treatment operatories are designed with an observation area behind the treatment area. From here, parents may see and hear their child’s treatment but remain unobserved by the child. This allows the dental team to focus on the child, and the child to focus on the dental team throughout treatment. We urge parents to instill in their children a sense of trust in the dental team from a young age.

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Pediatric & Hospital Dentistry

We offer pediatric & hospital dentistry solutions in our Terrace clinic.

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